"I would like to know when the next DETERMINE YOUR DESTINY NO.3 and four are coming out? I want to know because I am a huge fan and also (a student) at the Priory School in Montreal that you visited grade 4, 5 and 6. You did not see me because I am in grade 3. I would love to meet you some day hopefully." - Matteo L., Grade 3 

"When is the next book coming out? I love your books and want to get no3 ... Thank you" -Matteo, Montreal 



"Petrified World is a powerful book that is packed with action and suspense! This amazing book makes me wonder what will happen to me in the adventures ahead." - Maja, 12 years old

“I enjoyed reading it, very clever concept. Great introduction, entire story was well thought out. After each decision the story became even more exciting!” - Mack, 14 years old

“The book Petrified World is an action and thrilling story that you can’t put down until you are done with the mission. In this book you will act as a hero and save the land of Zaar from the evil Darkblade. I was attracted to this book because of the exciting action parts, awesome word choices, and great pictures. Over all this was an action packed exciting book.” - Jianing, 11 years old

“I thought the book was amazing! It’s not like an ordinary adventure book. In every section there’s a new thrilling challenge that comes your way. To reach the end of this book I must have died at least 6 or 7 times. The book is great because it’s exciting and when I read this book, I felt like I was actually in a magical land. I also loved this book because before you start your adventure it tells you your life story. It’s the best book I’ve ever read.” - Madison, 11 years old

“A truly fantastic work of words. The characters seem to come alive and guide you throughout the story. Perfect for a person who loves adventure, magic, and choosing their own way, knowing that the outcome is entirely in their hands.” - Sarah, 9 years old

Petrified World is a breathtaking book. As soon as you read the first page, your head fills with amazing images. This book could be your life story, so flip through these pages and enjoy.” - Sara Jane, 10 years old

“As soon as I start reading the book, I feel like I am right in this thrilling and magical world. The book is simply amazing and full of rich descriptions. Petrified World is a really great book to read!”
Alathea, 10 years old

“I love Petrified World; it captured my interest right from the beginning. It has really cool pictures and it’s very hard to win! I highly recommend it!” - Thomas, 10 years old​​

“A well-crafted magical story that will pull you through the pages as if you were Darkblade’s next victim. So, will you enter a petrified world? Remember whatever you choose determines your destiny.”
Danielle, 13 years old